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Back Seat Box Office #78 Results and Voice Mail

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Well, seeing this message means its time to post picks.

1)The Hunger Games – I guess I’m not a teenaged girl because I’m not interested in this supposedly really well-written update of reality TV meets the Theseus myth. Don’t get me wrong, it’s going to make serious bank, but I just can’t summon up any actual interest in it.

2) 21 Jump Street – Home of the goofy and campy.

3) The Lorax – Still the only real kid-safe film out right now. The Hunger Games is supposedly pretty dark.

4) John Carter – Hang in there, bro, keep making money.

5) Project X – Why not?

1. The Hunger Games
2. The Lorax (to pacify the kids that were frightened during the Hunger Games)
3. 21 Jump Street
4. John Carter
5. Project X

Don’t want to wait for the regular show:

First four are obvious. Just like last week, the tricky part is what will be fifth–there are three movies that could take the position and they should all finish very close to each other.

1.) The Hunger Games – you think I’m not going to pick this one first? Friday alone will probably beat the weekend total for number 2…
2.) 21 Jump Street – Not a bad movie. Word of mouth should keep people coming.
3.) The Lorax – Most of the people who wanted to see this movie probably already have… Straglers, repeats, and people with little kids will keep this going for a while though.
4.) John Carter – of Mars!
5.) Project X – flipped the mental coin and decided to go with last weeks number 4 though I was really tempted to pick Act of Valor.

I appreciate that William Pall had the guts to make his picks on the podcast, but I wonder…
Did he ditto me, or did I ditto him?

Father Beast . . . I record the Results shows on Monday evenings . . .so my picks were from the 19th. Your comment was from the 21st.

So . . . independent, parallel development.

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