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Back Seat Box Office #80 Results and Voice Mail

Congrats to the overwhelming number of 25s this week.

Thanks to Tim, Tad and Art for the voice mail.

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And now, back to the usual release schedule, where anything can happen and usually does with more than one film being released at a time.

1) Titanic (NOW IN 3D!) – Honest, I don’t know about this. It is either this or Hunger Games, and Hunger Games in the 3rd week vs a re-release of one of the biggest films of all time in 3D by the guy who pretty well set the standard for modern 3D.

2) Hunger Games – What else is it going to be?

3) American Reunion – Don’t know, but there are enough people who remember these actors when they were young and attractive. With the exception of Tara Reid, who went down-hill via the typical Hollywood Bacchanalia like LiLo, all of these actors & actresses are still pretty attractive. And can probably use the money as most of them haven’t had a whole hell of a lot of work lately.

4) Wrath of the Titans – Again, big question mark on this vs American Reunion.

5) Mirror, Mirror – Crap, but I think it can hang on longer than 21 Jump Street.

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