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Back Seat Box Office #81 Results and Voice Mail

Thanks to Art and Tad for their voice mail picks and to Tad for clarifying his Axis and Allies strategy.

Congrats to BD, Scott, Monty, Marc, Jonathan and Art for their 25s!

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Mrs. Beast’s picks for the weekend of April 13 – 15, 2012:
1. Hunger Games
2. American Reunion
3. Cabin In The Woods
4. The 3 Stooges
5. Lockout

Menolly’s Picks for the weekend of April 13 – 15, 2012:
1. Hunger Games
2. Cabin In The Woods
3. The Three Stooges
4. Titanic
5. American Reunion

My picks for the weekend of April 13 – 15, 2012:
1. Hunger Games
2. Cabin In The Woods
3. American Reunion
4. Lockout
5. 3 Stooges

Hate to say it but going to have to go Hungry again this weekend:

1) Hunger Games
2) Cabin in the woods – I’d love for this to be number one, but I don’t think it has enough theaters and hype to make it there. I’ve heard it’s good though and some I’m going to place it 2nd.
3) Three Stooges – Boxofficemojo has this coming in 2nd. God I hope not. that first trailer was gawd awful and I haven’t seen anything to make me change my mind and I bet audiences haven’t either. I’m thinking it will only finish this high becuase it’s new and has the most theaters.
4) Titanic 3d – had a hard time deciding 4th and 5th, hope I guesed right…
5) American Reunion

I was going to put Lockout on my list since I’ve seen plenty of commercials but it has the lowest theater count and most everyone seems to think it won’t do good. It’s a safer bet to leave it off in case it pulls a Dylan Dog…

oooh kay, posting here, and with some doubts.
You see, I’m sure that one of two (of the 3) new movies will pull off knocking Hunger Games out of #1. I just can’t decide which- the one that has more screens and a rating that is more weekend friendly? (Despite my concerns that it looks terrible- never, never underestimate the public!) Or the better looking & more anticipated, but R rated and fewer screens scary movie opening on Friday the 13th? I hate the choice I fear I must make…

1) 3 Stooges- and there it is! Yeah, maybe Crazy Ivan here, but it’s got a better chance for the weekend with the PG and let’s face it- that Stooges slapstick always works (for some at least, I’m more of Marx Brothers man myself.) More-positive-than expected- reviews and a crazy build to buzz and this could surprise everyone. Plus it no longer carries the burden of having big name actors- I can’t even imagine this working with the likes of Sean Penn and Jim Carey.

2) Hunger Games– the risk of my #1 pick demands this be #2, if just to hedge bets of losing points. HG could be 1, 2 or 3, so I’m sticking it in the middle.

3) Cabin in the Woods– the big lump in my throat this week. I spent most of the week thinking I’d pick this at #1, until the more screens/lower rated Stooges started to surge. So I gotta buck up and put this in at #3 (tho’ if it’s #1 I won’t cry. much.)

4) Titanic 3D- I think this will drop less than American Reunion.

5) American Reunion- as my #picktweet said earlier, this is the safety pick. I think Lockout should get #5, but it could also get #12 or something. (If it’d come out in January Guy Pierce could be in the running as the new Liam Neeson!)

And Monty says:
1) Cabin in the Woods
2)Hunger Games
3) 3 Stooges
4) American Reunion
5) Titanic 3D

and its a (maybe) exciting weekend for him, as he’s going to get to see Alien- on bluray!- for the first time. Can’t Wait!

and daHobbit says:
1) Cabin in the Woods
2) Hunger Games
3)3 Stooges
4) Titanic 3D
5) American Reunion

Ohh, I’ve been ditto’d. Yippy Skippy! Today, I am a man.

though truth to tell, Menolly had my picks first…

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