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Back Seat Box Office #84 Results and Voice Mail

Thanks to Tad for the voice mail.

Congrats to Tony, BD and Andrew… who all scored higher than 13.  OUCH!

2 replies on “Back Seat Box Office #84 Results and Voice Mail”

Hello Tim- yes I AM inching closer to that top spot.
But picking #1 for the next two (yes, 2– at least) is going to be the easy part….

Looking down the barrel of the start of the summer movie season, I’d best not forget to play this week.

1) Avengers – Dude, seriously, what else is there? Anything that can de-throne the Avengers ain’t doing it for at least two weeks.

2) Think like a Man – Why not? No one apparently thought this movie would do all that well on its initial release, so it may hang on.

3) Pirates! Band of Misfits – Not to be confused with Pirates!, from Sid Meier Entertainment. Kid movie + Summer = longer survival than expected.

4) The Five-Year Engagement – Don’t care. Judd Apatow needs to find someone other than Jason Segel to work with. Or Seth Rogen. That schlubby-loser male role is starting to make me want to throw up.

5) The Lucky One – Lucky I haven’t had to see this movie so far.

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