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Back Seat Box Office #86 Results and Voice Mail

Thanks to Tad for his voice mail this week.

Congrats to Lena and Menolly for their 25s this week.

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Just to reiterate what I posted Monday (freakin morning!) in a place where someone might see it:
Ok, I’m gonna risk a limb here. My picks for the weekend of 5/18-5//20. Ditto time!
1) Avengers- yeah, still.
2) Battleship- can’t take out Captain freakin’ America.
3) The Dictator- could surprise. Or do people still remember “Bruno”?
4) Dark Shadows- Depp & Burton: have they just gotten lazy?
5) What to Expect When You’re Expecting (or whatever that Cameron Diaz thing is called)- yeah, haven’t heard of this at all, and don’t think a second week of Avengers hype will change it.

My picks for the weekend of May 18 – 20, 2012:
1. Avengers
2. Battleship
3. Dictator
4. Dark Shadows
5. Expectorant

Or… In Other Words… I ditto BD. It’s the only thing that makes sense.

I for one refuse to Ditto BD. I just don’t swing that way. Plus he’s got to be wrong sometime. Having said that, I did get real close and personal with his picks…

1. The Avengers – Smash!
2. Battleship – A lot of people will see this just to see a Battleship duke it out with aliens. That’s the only reason I’m going…
3. The Dictator – please please please someone shoot this guy with a cruise missle. Please.
4. What to Expect – not expecting much
5. Dark Shadows – Fading quickly into the dark shadows of the box office charts…

Menolly’s picks for the weekend of May 18 – 20, 2012:
1. Avengers
2. Dark Shadows
3. What To Expect
4. Think Like A Man
5. Battleship

Mrs. Beast’s picks for the weekend of May 18 – 20, 2012:
1. Avengers
2. Battleship
3. Dark Shadows
4. What To Expect
5. Think Like A Man

I myself have been thinking, since it’s my week to be crazy, and how much I want to do this crazy thing. So I’m going to give in to temptation and do it. I’m changing my number 5 pick, so now:
My revised picks for the weekend of May 18 – 20, 2012:
1. Avengers
2. Battleship
3. Dictator
4. Dark Shadows
5. Hunger Games

Yep, I’m betting on it rising up some more. I might get burned, but I will wear my burns proudly.

well, thanks to all who did or did not ditto me; this is a game of inches at this point and picking different is what will determine the result. And thanks to CougRon for leading Tim astray; I needed that! (assuming it works…!)

Meanwhile, some continue to play their own tune. I present as my exemplar, daHobbit’s picks:
1) Battleship
2) Avengers
3)What to Expect… (aka “the chick flick”)
4) Dark Shadows
5) Pirates! (Yes, Pirates! That it’s an typos or anything.

Monty, as far as I can tell, DID say ditto to my picks, I’ll see if he changes anything tomorrow when he wakes up.

This dittoing business is seeming to be too easy…

1) Avengers – Hulk smash battleship!

2) Battleship – Let’s hear it for the US Navy’s very own Michael Bay flick! The Air Force has Transformers, the Army has G.I. Joe, the Marines have Battle: LA, so the Navy gets Battleship.

3) What to Expect When You Are Expecting – Can we find a longer title, please? This one isn’t long enough.

4) The Dictator – Sascha Baron Cohen needs to find a new hobby. I never liked any of his other stuff in this vein (Borat, Bruno, etc) and this just looks stupid.

5) Dark Shadows – I think BD’s right, I think Burton & Depp are just lazy at this point. Not that I don’t think it was bad, it’s wouldn’t have been noticeable if it hadn’t been a summer flick. Crank this out in Feb/March and it would have fit right in.

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