Back Seat Producers Season 07 Shows

BSP Episode 228: This is Spinal Tap

Part 5 of our 5 part Rock ‘n Roll series

Release date:  3/2/1984

Embassy Pictures

Directed by

  • Rob Reiner

Produced by

  • Karen Murphy

Written by

  • Christopher Guest
  • Michael McKean
  • Harry Shearer
  • Rob Reiner


Rob Reiner

  • Marty DiBergi

Michael McKean

  • David St. Hubbins

Christopher Guest

  • Nigel Tufnel

Harry Shearer

  • Derek Smalls

1:03  2012 RPG Podcast Listeners’ Survey – TAKE THE SURVEY!

3:28  Prometheus – Happy Birthday, David.

4:05  David discusses watching Michael Fassbender urinate.

5:10  Host reviews.

8:00  This is the one time the pod didn’t open, why didn’t they show all the other times?

8:25  David (unless you’re Tony, then he’s Adam) has hairballs.

8:50  David’s the only one at the table who could shave and pull off a Wolverine.

9:25  David admitted that he fast-forwarded every time a song started… you what??

9:35  Big Bottom… Sex Farm.

9:40  I’m gonna plow your beanfield!

9:48  My silo is rising!

10:10  The hosts loved the cameos.

10:42  David: Who’s Angelica Houston?  Jill: (sighing) Oh my God.

11:40  What Jill liked…

12:10  What Tony liked…

12:25  Rob Reiner’s awkward hand movements.

12:45  Rob Reiner in spandex?  There isn’t a pod big enough!

13:12  Some else’s vomit.  You can’t dust for vomit.

14:15  The bass player with the pipe, he’s the intellectual one.

14:45  Jill dared to say it… Nic Cage is not aging well!

15:00  David will take any Nic Cage he can get.

15:10  How did Lenny Kosnowski become David St. Hubbins?

15:52  Stonehenge sh*% was hysterical!

16:10  We have armadillos in our pants!

17:23  Trivia time with Jill.

18:00  Is Spinal Tap a real band?

18:40  Darrell discusses Spinal Tap’s DVD releases and copywriting issues.

19:20  Help, we are going into the pop business!

20:00  Well, we’re huge in Japan.

20:34  The hosts get sentimental with lyrics.

20:35  My baby fits me like a flesh torpedo, I love to sink her with my pink torpedo.

20:45  Talk about mud flaps, my baby’s got ‘em!

21:00  The looser the waistband, the deeper the quicksand.  Or so I have read.

21:08  Drives me out of my mind.  How can I leave this… behind?

21:27  Lick my love pump.

21:35  It’s a mix between Mozart and Bach.

22:00  Oh, she’s dead.  What?  No.  Yeah.  No.  No, she’s not dead.  You’re right.

22:45  Geoff: Part of the brilliance of the movie was the gradual deterioration of the band’s success as represented by dwindling Americana.

23:09  And the puppets have a bigger dressing room.

23:55  Odd sexual references to Deuce and Luke.

24:45  Mr. Bentley from The Jeffersons.

25:30  Their other movies; A Mighty Wind, Best in Show, For Your Consideration, Waiting for Guffman.

25:55  They named the drummers after the different “Curly” characters from The Three Stooges.

26:25  A nice wrap-up to the Rock Series.

26:35  David was disappointed by the lack of penis in the movie.

26:50  Well, there WAS the cucumber!

27:23  Instead of a movie where a nobody becomes a rock star (Rock Star), this was a movie about how a rock star can become a nobody.

28:00  Back to Rock Star, lamenting the fact that Jennifer Aniston didn’t get naked.

28:36  David wants Tony to record a parody video, playing the part of all three characters.

28:45  Challenge accepted (yet… I’ve seen no such video).

29:00  Spinal Tap-only karaoke at David’s Cinco de Mayo party.

29:44  Broken mailboxes and more vomit.

30:10  David’s beloved track pants.

30:30  Darrell wraps this party up by stating that This Is Spinal Tap is rated by The Library of Congress as one of the Top 100 Movies of all Time.

31:10  David’s turned on by lists.

31:20  Melina calls David to get the story straight.

32:30  Relationship pro-tip from David.

33:18  Is that Sauron’s University?  U of I?

Your Producers for this episode were:

  • Tony
  • Darrell
  • Jill
  • David

This episode was recorded: 5/9/2012

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