Back Seat Box Office BSBO Results Shows

Back Seat Box Office #97 Results and Voice Mail

Thanks to Tad for the voicemail!

Congrats to Mrs. Beast with the high score of the week… 24!

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Well, if the results show has been released, then it is time for me to post my picks.

1) Dark Knight Rises – Ya know, I never thought not seeing a movie quickly would aggravate me as much as this one has. I’m reluctant to listen to 3 podcasts because they have all indicated detailed discussion of this flick, and I haven’t gotten to it yet.

2) Total Recall – Pros – Jessica Biel vs Kate Beckinsale cat-fight(my money’s on Jessica), chick with three boobs, and a cool sci-fi setting. Cons – Colin Farrell, the legacy of Ahnold, and no “Get your ass to Mars!” Still, looks like a lot of fun.

3) Diary of a Wimpy Kid – 3rd in the franchise, given prior numbers, I bet this boots Ice Age from the top of the kid-friendly list.

4) Step Up: Revolution – This title makes me think this is a video game. However, between this & The Watch, I’m betting on this to last longer.

5) The Watch – Lame. End of story.

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