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Back Seat Box Office #99 Results and Voice Mail


Aug 15, 2012

Thanks to Tad and Art for the voice mail.

Congrats to Jeff and Cougron for their perfect scores this week.

2 thoughts on “Back Seat Box Office #99 Results and Voice Mail”
  1. Well, let’s call this weekend off, by the numbers and on the bounce.

    1) Expendables 2 – I am a sucker for this movie. Classic action heros, stuff blowing up, where’s the lose in that? Probably going to leave Aaron Cross’s dead body booby-trapped on the sidewalk.

    2) Paranorman – I think this looks fun. Nice stop-motion animation with a bunch of fun poked at some classic horror tropes.

    3) Bourne Legacy – It will fall, but not enough to bump it from the top 5.

    4) The Odd Life of Timothy Green – Weird, but looks like it might have some appeal for that as a family film.

    5) The Dark Knight Rises – Until it gets punched in the face again. Hey, but if you are going to go down, at least Rocky is going to put you there.

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