Back Seat Box Office BSBO Results Shows

Back Seat Box Office #100 Results and Voice Mail

Thanks to Tad for the voicemail!

Congrats to

  • Andrew
  • Tad
  • Tony

for their 23s… the high score of the week.

One reply on “Back Seat Box Office #100 Results and Voice Mail”


1) Expendables 2 – Because, dude, they are the Expendables. They kill shit and leave the body booby-trapped.

2) Paranorman

3) Bourne Legacy – Could just as easily be swapped w/#2.

4) The Campaign – Meh. But people like Will Ferrell for some bizarre reason.

5) Premium Rush – Joseph Gordon-Levitt has reaped the benefits of working with Christopher Nolan. This looks pretty interesting, and when combined w/Looper, it looks like he will have great summer. Low theater count(2410) will have an impact though, and I might lose the points to Hit & Run(2800-ish), but I have not seen much promotion of Hit & Run, so I’ll roll on this.

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