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Back Seat Box Office #103


Tony, Scott, William

  1. The Possession
  2. The Words
  3. Lawless
  4. The Expendables 2
  5. The Bourne Legacy


  1. The Possession
  2. Lawless
  3. The Words
  4. The Expendables 2
  5. The Bourne Legacy

Also being released this weekend; The Cold Light of Day

Scott (BSBO, Back Seat Quickies and the soon-to-be Back Seat Book Club) is raising money for his local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital by participating in a 24-hour video game marathon.  Read more about his mission and how you can help here:

Go Scott!!

Don’t forget to donate to Sausagefest, too!  This is the third year that Sausagefest is raising money for breast cancer research.  Read more about our cause here:

Donate… save breasts… get nifty stuff from us!

7 replies on “Back Seat Box Office #103”

In considering this sad, sad weekend of new releases, I think there is only one real question.

What the frack is The Words?

Or more accurately, what the frack are The Words?

I’m going to be lazy, and ditto Lena. I think The Words, whatever they are, are going to be pretty feeble, and that Tom Hardy & some southern bootleggers can beat them at the box office.

This is going to look very familiar …

1 The Possession
2 The Words
3 Lawless
4 The Expendables 2
5 The Bourne Legacy

Mrs. Beast’ picks for the weekend of September 7 – 9, 2012:
1. Words
2. Possession
3. Lawless
4. Expendables 2
5. Bourne Legacy

What the heck, Andrew? I thought we were pals.

1. The Words
2. The Possession 2
3. Lawless
4. The Expletive Expendables 2
5. Bjorn Legacy

I was going to ditto Lena, but I think think she has The Words ranked to high…

I really want to just leave it my picks, but the $$ totals this week will be soooo low that even total bomb can make it in (altho’ last time I had faith in a low opener it ended up in 8th. 🙁 And yes, I expect The Words to do worse than Premium Rush!)

And of course, the real spoiler in these dog days of summer is Indian Jones in IMAX– so C’mon Andrew!!! Be BOLD!

1) The Possession

2) Lawless

3) The Expendables 2

4) The Words

5) The Bourne Legacy

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