Back Seat Box Office BSBO Results Shows

Back Seat Box Office #105 Results and Voice Mail

Congrats to Andrew for his high score of 22!

Thanks to Tad for his voice mail!

One reply on “Back Seat Box Office #105 Results and Voice Mail”

Again, top three, how does this stuff happen? Dumb luck is my guess…

1)Looper – This may be one of those John Cusack moments from High Fidelity where going with the gut merely confirms that my gut has rocks for brains, but I’m willing to give Joseph Gordon-Levitt & Bruce Willis a shot at the top for this weekend.

2)Hotel Transylvania – New kids movie, high theater count, clever premise, why not?

3) End of Watch – Drops down for the new stuff

4) House at the End of the Street – Same as above.

5) Trouble with the Curve – Same as above.

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