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Back Seat Box Office #106 Results and Voice Mail

Congrats on all the 25s this week – Andrew, Jeff, Tony, Cougron, Tad and Father Beast.  Well Done!

Thanks to Tad and Art (welcome back, Art!) for their voicemails.

We’re getting closer to Sausage Fest 3, less than two weeks to go!  Please give what you can and donate to a great cause.  We’re hoping to beat last year’s donations of $1,501 and we still have a ways to go.  In addition to doing something good, there are also perks at different donation levels.  Visit our site for more information –

William also added his thoughts on donating to Sausage Fest and breast cancer research.  If you haven’t donated yet, we hope this will help you decide because what he said is fantastic.  Thank you, William.

One reply on “Back Seat Box Office #106 Results and Voice Mail”

Eh, said my gut had rocks for brains last week, and so I fall a spot in the rankings.

1) Taken 2 – A totally unnecessary sequel, but one that will probably do pretty well, as Liam Neeson is an awesome bag of destruction when you mess with his family.

2) Hotel Transylvania – Broader appeal, I see this holding stronger against Frankenweenie.

3) Frankenweenie – Ehh…dunno, may beat out Looper.

4) Looper – I expect a 35%-45% drop; that should keep it in the top 5.

5) End of Watch – Why not?

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