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Back Seat Box Office #109


Jeff, Tony

  1. Paranormal Activity 4
  2. Alex Cross
  3. Argo
  4. Taken 2
  5. Hotel Transylvania


  1. Paranormal Activity 4
  2. Argo
  3. Taken 2
  4. Hotel Transylvania
  5. Alex Cross


  1. Paranormal Activity 4
  2. Argo
  3. Alex Cross
  4. Taken 2
  5. Hotel Transylvania

The hosts are starting a side-game we’re calling Back Seat Indie Box Office (unless we can think of something cooler).  One guess for the movie with the highest average dollars per theater.

  • Jonathan, Tony – The Sessions
  • Scott – Brooklyn Castle
  • Lena – Hating Breitbart
  • Jeff – The Flat

This weekend Scott (and Sam from Back Seat Quickies fame) will be participating in a 24-hour video game marathon to raise money for their local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital.  There’s still time to give!  Check out the website and give until it hurts so good!

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Menolly’s picks for the weekend of October 19 – 21, 2012:
1. Paranormal Activity 4
2. Taken 2
3. Argo
4. Sinister
5. Hotel Transylvania

I’m running late for this week, didn’t even get around to commenting on the results show entry.

I’m going to have to ditto Lena.

1) Paranormal Activity 4 – Can’t we just find footage of someone shooting this franchise in the head and ending it?

2) Argo – I look at this and think, Affleck is working hard to make the Gigli-portion of his life less and less relevant. Except for being with J-Lo. Forget the movie, remember the hottie.

3) Taken 2 – Because you don’t screw around with Liam Neeson, or his on-screen family.

4) Hotel Transylvania – I cried when Tony said there was no Hotel California reference. It was begging for it. Makes me very sad.

5) Alex Cross – I know James Patterson is a big name in the murder-mystery genre. I know that Tyler Perry is not a terrible actor. But against what’s here this weekend and the mediocre performance of One For the Money (with the dubious honor of having Katherine Heigl as the star), it has to sit at #5 and I hope it doesn’t burn me.

Mrs. Beast’s picks for the weekend of October 19 – 21, 2012:
1. Alex Cross
2. Paranormal Activity 4
3. Taken 2
4. Argo
5. Sinister

Yay! Seattle has rain again. (Went 80 days without). Perfect excuse to go inside and watch movies again. Big question is whether there are any worth watching. I’m really doubtful….

1) Paranormal Activity 4 – no brainer. Lots of people like this series for some reason (I haven’t seen a one) and it’s a scary movie right before Halloween. Should do good.
2) Alex Cross – I was tempted to put Argo here since I hear good things about that movie, and today is the very first I’m hearing about this movie. However the pundits are saying this movie is going to do good and apparently this is a Tyler Perry movie and a James Patterson movie combined into one. Reluctantly I’m going to have to pick this for number 2.
3) Argo –
4) Hotel Transylvania – kids have got to watch something…
5) Taken 2 – Liam Neeson, `nuff said.

ooooh Ch-ch-ch-changes! And sorry to come between Andrew & Jonathan last week- they always did well scoring together 🙂

1)Paranormal Activity 4- duh, even if it doesn’t do the bank of the last couple entries.

2) Argo- still want to see this, and expect a lower fall now that Liam has retaken his family for a couple weeks now.

3) Hotel Transylvania- still not betting against the scary kids movie, despite the burn last week.

4) Taken 2- stands to burn me like Sinister. did last week, but I think it will have a large drop like it did last week.

5)Alex Cross- really don’t know what to do with this- bank on Tyler Perry in a non-Perry made movie? In a post Morgan Freeman role? But the buzz on Rotten Tomatoes (the popular thing, not the critics) while usually not that useful for Perry movies is low and slightly negative (by RT standards.) Too bad, b/c I think Matthew Fox will make a good creepy killer, even if the trailers make him seem like a super-villain Batman.

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