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BSP Episode 246: Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

Release date:  1/22/2010

Magnolia Pictures

Directed and Written by

  • Eli Craig

Produced by

  • Morgan Jurgenson
  • Albert Klychak
  • Rosanne Miliken
  • Deepak Nayar


Tyler Labine

  • Dale

Alan Tudyk

  • Tucker

Katrina Bowden

  • Allison

The show begins with a poignant, heartfelt speech by Deuce.

The hosts review:

The hosts all enjoyed the movie.  None had any expectations but they were all satisfied.  David said that what worked was that the audience had to believe the play between Tucker and Dale and the believability as to why the kids seemed to be killing themselves.  The ridiculousness of it works.  One of David’s favorite parts was that, whenever Tucker was injured, he treated each horrific wound by pouring beer on it.  They also agreed that the chemistry between Tyler Labine and Alan Tudyk was really good.

They discussed how this movie turns the commentary on horror movies and how hillbillies would usually be the bad guys.    They also touch on how, in almost every horror movie, the young people will almost always jump to conclusions, thus setting themselves up to be killed.  The conversation touches on “reasonable” ways to save oneself from the horrors of being killed while on a camping trip.

There was also a touch of sadness at the fact that there was no camping-sex, as tends to be the norm for these movies, as well.

Talk then turns to wet t-shirt contests… and David’s participation in said contest, and SausageFest antics of past years.

**There is still time to donate to SausageFest**

Summing this all up, David ranked the movie (out of five fat hillbillies) with four fat hillbillies and one skinny hillbilly.

Your Producers for this episode were:

  • Tony
  • Darrell
  • Tony/Deuce
  • David

This episode was recorded: 10/10/2012

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I absolutely loved this movie! I just watched the Blu-ray earlier tonight after getting it in the mail with my Blockbuster @Home package, and I was impressed! I went into it with pretty low expectations since a few of my friends I work with at DISH gave it a bad review, but I ended up really enjoying the humor and gore that went along with it. The chemistry between Tyler Labine and Alan Tudyk was excellent as well, and I couldn’t help but laugh out loud every time an “accident” occurred. It just goes to show there are always two sides to any story lol! 🙂

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