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Back Seat Box Office #110 Results and Voice Mail

Congrats to Tony for the best score this week – 23.

Thanks to the following folks for their voice mail contributions:

  • Art
  • Jonathan
  • Tad
  • Tony

2 replies on “Back Seat Box Office #110 Results and Voice Mail”

Well, that last week was pretty freakin’ awesome. Let’s see if I can’t do a bit better…

1) Wreck-it Ralph – Other than the fact that a lot of children of the ’80’s are probably going to drag their kids to this, it is fresh and on a lot of screens this weekend. I’m putting it at #1.

2) Flight – Denzel. I think that’s what is going to take to move things around. And it is a film-fest darling…

3) Argo – While looking pretty stale, I think it will stay high for the next week.

4) Man with the Iron Fists – Very pulp. Boobies. Over-the-top violence. Sounds like it will do okay. Small theater count puts it at #4.

5) Cloud Atlas – Ehhhh….why not?

I wonder how many movie theaters in the new york and new jersey area are actually open this weekend and what sort of effect that will have on the box office…

1) Wreck-it-Ralph – I don’t care what anybody else says, or what the actual prospects are. I’m picking my man Ralph for number one. He needs to know he’s not such a bad guy.
2) Flight – Hadn’t heard a thing about this movie until I saw a trailer a week or so ago, but Denzel Washington is a pilot who flies his passenger jet upside down. How could people not go to see it? Won’t outnumber the kids though.
3) Argo – Still haven’t seen it myself and I got three other movies I want to see this weekend so I’m not sure if I’m going to make it.
4) the Man with the Iron Fists – Don’t know how many people are going to see it this weekend as I’m thinking the people most interested will probably be going to Ralph first and maybe Flight too. Trailers make it look fun though so I’m probably putting it higher then is warranted.
5) Cloud Atlas – big question is how far CA will fall and if it will be less then that persistent Hotel Transylvania. I think CA will beat it… (please please please)

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