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Back Seat Box Office #113 (& Results BSBO #112)

BSBO Results Show #112

Congrats to Father Beast and Scott for their perfect scores of 25!

Thanks to Tad, Art and Jonathan for their voicemails.  (You’ll hear them at the end of the show)

BSBO #113


Scott, Jeff, William

  1. Breaking Dawn, Part 2
  2. Skyfall
  3. Wreck-It Ralph
  4. Lincoln
  5. Flight
There are no other movies in wide release this weekend.
Back Seat Art House picks (highest average dollars per theater):
  • Scott – Breaking Dawn, Part 2
  • Jeff – Silver Linings Playbook
  • William – Lincoln

3 replies on “Back Seat Box Office #113 (& Results BSBO #112)”

I see no reason to disagree with you guys…

1) Breaking Dawn, Part 2 – much as it pains me this movie is going to destroy the box office this weekend…
2) Skyfall – Bond, James Bond at number 2
3) Wreck It Ralph – Ralph, Wreck-It Ralph will take third
4) Lincoln – Lincoln, Abe Lincoln – going to be number 4 this weekend though number 1 in our hearts.
5) Flight – Washington, Denzel Washington. Okay, this joke is played out.

Ok, so ditto, well, everyone or try to shake things up. (and stay tuned for a special guest at the end!)

Ok, I’ma gonna chance it!

1) Twilight, Breaking 2- Yeah, glad out long nightmare is ending. Go away now , please (just kidding, I’m sure something with that may fans has some merit, right? Just not for me.)

2) Skyfall- still need to see this… looks really good, and I’ve heard great things from people who’ve seen it.

3) Lincoln- here’s the thing; I think this and Wreck It Ralph will be really, really close. And this is new. And 2 1/2 hours. And I’m betting against a kids movie. Should I be talking myself out of this or following the Lena Rule and not changing once I’ve picked?

4) Wreck It Ralph- ok, Lena Rule it is.

5) Flight- sure, why not. (Yeah Taken 2, c’mon! Take this!)

AAAaaaand : Monty is back! My nephew is picking again, and he says:

Ditto everyone else (except me):
1) Breaking Twilight 2
3)Wreck It Ralph
4) Lincoln
5) Flight

I’m gonna have to go and ditto BD… which would have been my picks anyhoo. I think (I hope) Lincoln will do better than the big lug Ralph. I’m going to see both tomorrow!

1. Breaking Dawn/Twilight
2. Skyfall
3. Lincoln
4. Wreck-It Ralph
5. Flight

My Art house pick is Anna Karenina.

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