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Back Seat Book Club – Book Eleven: Redemption in Indigo

Author: Karen Lord

Published: 2010

Small Beer Press

Plot Summary – Paama’s husband is a fool and a glutton. Bad enough that he followed her to her parents’ home in the village of Makendha—now he’s disgraced himself by murdering livestock and stealing corn. When Paama leaves him for good, she attracts the attention of the undying ones—the djombi— who present her with a gift: the Chaos Stick, which allows her to manipulate the subtle forces of the world. Unfortunately, a wrathful djombi with indigo skin believes this power should be his and his alone.

Quick Thoughts:

  • [forthcoming]

All my tales are true, drawn from life, and a life story is not a tidy thing. 

Your Hosts:

  • Jim
  • Lena
  • Sam
  • Scott

recorded 06/26/13

Next time: The Gunseller by Hugh Lawrie

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