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Back Seat Box Office #156

Congrats to Cougron for his perfect score of 25!

Thanks to Tad and Nick for their voicemails.



  1. Insidious Chapter 2
  2. Riddick
  3. The Family
  4. Lee Daniels’ The Butler
  5. Instructions Not Included


  1. Insidious Chapter 2
  2. The Family
  3. Riddick
  4. Instructions Not Included
  5. Lee Daniels’ The Butler


  1. Insidious Chapter 2
  2. Riddick
  3. Instructions Not Included
  4. Lee Daniels’ The Butler
  5. We’re The Millers

Back Seat Art House picks:

  • Lena – Jayne Mansfield’s Car
  • Jeff – The Face of Love
  • Art – Herb and Dorothy 50×50

2 replies on “Back Seat Box Office #156”

Thank you, don’t know how I did it.

1) Insidious 2 – don’t know a thing about this, but everyone seems to think it’s going to do good
2) The Family – seeing ads for this everywhere. If that amounted to ticket sells then this will do great
3) Riddick
4) The Butler
5) Instructions Not Included

going for the easy way this week: ditto CougRon (no really, those are my picks too! 🙂

1) Insidious 2- didn’t see the first one, but with a name like that its a horror flick, right?

2) The Family- I haven’t seen many ads for this, but did see the trailer a while back and want to see it.

3) Riddick- drops about half to #3.

4) The Butler- still has most screens, I think.

5) Instructions Not Included- look, I’m picking it! Finally! So it’ll be #6 at best….

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