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BSP Episode 291: Planet of the Apes

Sorry for the delay.

Blame the damned dirty apes.

One reply on “BSP Episode 291: Planet of the Apes”

Darrell is 100% right about the Planet of the Apes sequels; they are not good. And the Mark Wahlberg remake was akin to substituting filet mignon with shoe leather. Haven’t yet seen the new one, so I couldn’t comment.

Tony and David, regarding Blazing Saddles, I agreed with your initial review in 2008 because I found the movie not funny and incredibly racist. I rewatched it earlier this year and enjoyed the hell out of it this time around. Maybe it’s our current cultural and political climate (ie the Tea Party, birthers and openly racist congressmen), or maybe it’s because I’m older and can appreciate the satirical bent of the movie a little more, or maybe 10 years in the Navy pretty much killed my PC senses, but I recommend to the two of you that you try Blazing Saddles again. Just a thought.

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