Back Seat Box Office #166

Congrats to Art and Jeff for their high scores of 23!

Thanks to Nick for his voice mail.



  1. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
  2. Delivery Man
  3. Thor: The Dark World
  4. The Best Man Holiday
  5. Free Birds


  1. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
  2. Thor: The Dark World
  3. The Best Man Holiday
  4. Delivery Man
  5. Last Vegas


  1. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
  2. Thor: The Dark World
  3. Delivery Man
  4. The Best Man Holiday
  5. Last Vegas

Art’s House picks:

  • Art – Frozen
  • Jeff & Lena – Philomena

22. November 2013 by Lena
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  1. oops. missed last week. See what happens when the podcast isn’t out on time?

    1) Hunger Games : Catching Fire – this is likely to get more then the rest of the top 10 combined.
    2) Thor : the Dark world
    3) Delivery Man
    4) Best Man Holiday
    5) Last Vegas

    So it other words, I’m dittoing Lena.

  2. Here we go:

    1) Hunger Games : Catching Fire- I think if a movie is over 4000 screens it should be auto-picked for #1. yes?

    2) Delivery Man- a solid looking entry from Vince Vaughn, should do ok w/ parents whose teenagers don’t want them to see Hunger Games with them.

    3) Thor: The Dark World- this was decent- just saw it yesterday. There is a chance it could fall faster than my #4 pick, but I’ma gonna risk it.

    4) Best Man Holiday- did very well last week. Let’s see if it holds.

    5) Last Vegas- so can a senior-aimed movie garner a lower drop than a kids movie? At least when the kids movie is Free Birds, I’m going to say yes.

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