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BSP Episode 297: Thor: The Dark World

Show notes, coming soon.

One reply on “BSP Episode 297: Thor: The Dark World”

I have to say that I was disappointed overall with this episode. Besides the fact that you talked about next week’s movie more than this week’s movie on this podcast, I had no idea what you were talking about whenever you digressed from the topic. I usually enjoy the digressions on the show, but I kept getting lost in the discussion.

I did, however, enjoy Shaun’s anecdotes about movie theater employee life, and I laughed at the two men leaving the theater post-coitus and then Tony tying it back to House of Boys. And of course I generally find it funny when David talks about phallases.

While I was disappointed with this outing, I’m not going to quit listening to you guys. I still find you funny and insightful as hell (even though I don’t always agree with you on movies). If I stopped watching something after one bad episode, I’d’ve quit watching Arrow after last week’s ridiculous outing (with the idiotic trial and the even more idiotic parentage reveal). And you and Arrow both have more good shows out than bad.

Keep up the good work. And please let Deuce out of whatever tool shed you have him locked in so we can hear his perspective on movies once in a while!

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