Back Seat Producers Season 08 Shows

BSP Episode 298 – Skanksgiving: House of Boys

Release date – 11/20/2009



Directed by Jean

  • Claude Schlim

Produced by

  • Bob Bellion

Written by

  • Jean-Claude Schlim
  • Christian Thiry



  • Layke Anderson – Frank
  • Gintare Parulyte – Rita
  • Benn Northover – Jake
  • No one is happy with Tony for his choice of Skanksgiving movie.
  • David did not get the gayness he was hoping for.
  • David is a sucker for that banana-shaped carrot.
  • Act 1 – awesomeness, everything else after that – wait, what?
  • Stephen Fry and his amazing amount of disdain for Reagan.
  • Tony gets technical… AIDS, the gay plague, GRIDS.
  • Udo Kier singing… in drag… in German.
  • “Does it entice you when I lick this thing like that?”
  • Magic Mike comparisons.
  • The authority on guys… Jolie or the other guys?
  • Panty-dropper and jock strap-dropper.
  • There was a distinct lack of penis in this movie!
  • I did not expect the AIDS, either.
  • More penis, less AIDS.
  • Denver, the Last Dinosaur and its gay subtext.
  • The Gay Hangover.
  • Glimpses of awesomeness.
  • Revenge masturbation.
  • Sex is deadly… that’s all.
  • The ever-so-sexy tomato!
  • Football.  Yes, football.
  • Ghostbusters.
  • Star Wars stuffs.
  • Walking Dead… the tank!  Tony seems a smidge TOO excited.
  • Netflix is a lying jerkface!
  • Cat adventures.
  • Sausagefest…we’re enablers.
  • Idris Elba… every man’s dream.
  • Let’s not bring the room down with AIDS… abortions now!
  • Cards Against Humanity, of course!
  • 10 Incredible facts about the anus.
  • The euphoric rush of strangling a drifter.
  • You know the rules, Darrell… penises are always funny, vaginas are always serious!
  • It’s too big for my mouth, Tony.


Your Producers for this episode were:

  • Tony
  • Darrell
  • Jolie
  • David

This episode was recorded:  11/27/13

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