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BSP Episode 308: The Artist

Join the gang as they discuss the 2011 film The Artist:

The Artist was 2011’s Academy Awards assassin, winning Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Director, Best Costume Design, and Best Original Score. Notable for being a mostly-silent film, The Artist is the almost entirely silent story of George Valentin, a charismatic silent film star with an adorable dog who runs into troubles when Hollywood starts making talkies. If you’re a fan, the film is packed full of references to old Hollywood, some of which the BSP crew discuss during this episode.

Worth noting:

  • Deuce and Tony discuss, at great length, their respective books that none of us have read because they don’t exist yet. However, triumph because the web site exists!
  • Deuce and Darrell catch up. Now we’re all up to speed.
  • Jolie hated this movie because it was excessively boring while Tony and Darrell liked it.
  • This movie was highly referential, contained a lot of homage to period films, and is technically focused on being just like a silent movie from the past.
  • Jolie’s new puppy now has a name!
  • There are two standout performances in this movie: Jean Dujardin does a great job as the swarthy leading man and the adorable Jack Russell Terrier.
  • This movie was rated PG-13… but why?
  • The film contains a lot of technical references including the aspect ratio, frame rate, acting style, lack of zoom, and more.
  • Podcasting and the art of NOT selling out.
  • Oscar predictions from we non-Academy members. Jolie and Tony throw down. The gloves are off…
  • More Punch Out movie references. How can we make this happen???

 Featured in this episode:

  • Tony
  • Darrell
  • Tony/Deuce
  • Jolie
  • Frequent (and silent) appearances by Panda

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