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BSP Episode 310: Dallas Buyers Club

Join the gang as they discuss the 2013 film Dallas Buyers Club.

Dallas Buyers Club cleaned up male acting awards at the Oscars with Matthew McConaughey winning Best Actor and Jared Leto winning Best Supporting Actor. These were, in our opinion, well deserved awards because of the stretch and growth each one plays in this biopic set in the early days of AIDS. McConaughey plays Ron Woodroof, a man who finds out he has AIDS after suffering an accident at work and has very little time left. He goes on a search for the answer to longer life and ends up starting a collective to address the needs of AIDS patients in Dallas.

Worth noting:

  • David is wrong about not liking Bill Murray. That’s just science.
  • Tony breaks out the apples soaked in Fireball to really get this party started.
  • The gang insists on the weekly TV roundup and the weekly tense negotiation over next week’s movie before getting started.
  • We got mail! (Okay, it’s a feedback comment, but still…)
  • This movie is gritty. It’s sometimes hard to watch.
  • The acting Oscars it earned are well deserved.
  • Hey, is it okay to make AIDS jokes yet? Anybody want to call an audible on this?
  • When Jolie was a college freshman, she learned that everybody was, at some point, going to get AIDS.
  • Also, who else was terrorized by the made-for-TV movie about Ryan White?
  • Jared Leto did so well. We all agree. And it wasn’t even because of his magnificent Oscars hairdo!
  • We all now know there’s a lot of wang in Spartacus. Well THAT ruins my weekend.
  • Tony finally drinks the apple/Fireball monstrosity. Because peer pressure.
  • Alternative media! Also, David is dead inside.
  • Hot, hot death of journalism talk.
  • Criticism of common core methods to learning math is stupid.
  • Math is FUNdamental.
  • What happens when gaming gets really weird?
  • The gang makes bets about the sex scenes in next week’s movie, including lots of scissoring talk. I encourage a Google Image search for that term.

Featured in this episode:

  • Tony
  • David
  • Jolie
  • Darrell

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