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BSP Episode 312: Nebraska

Join the gang as they discuss the 2013 film Nebraska.

Nebraska is the quiet, black and white entry into 2013’s Oscar fare, known for having a slow burn and character-driven plot. This was considered an actor’s movie, most notably for Bruce Dern who stars as Woody, a Montana man who receives a prize notification in the mail and is determined to take it to Lincoln, Nebraska to claim his supposed winnings. Comedy and drama mix, much like Alexander Payne’s other films (Sideways, Election), to drive a story with a uniquely Midwestern plot and lots of visuals.

Worth noting:

  • Anybody want this cat???
  • The art of learning the panty-dropper on guitar.
  • Nebraska is slowly paced with a lot of establishing shots. However, some of us don’t mind.
  • Bruce Dern was awesome as the memory-challenged asshole.
  • So many moments in this movie remind us of our families. Let’s explore this.
  • June Squibb is one funny, funny lady in this movie.
  • Naked and Afraid is back. Hold onto your butts.
  • Seriously, who hasn’t seen Sideways?
  • Let’s all agree to just say no to the terrible brother stereotype character.
  • Correction: Bruce Dern did not win the Best Actor Oscar but he was definitely a contender.
  • If trivia beer architecture isn’t a thing, we need to make it a thing.
  • Neverending sack.
  • Pam! Stop eating the cocaine!

 Featured in this episode:

  • Tony
  • David
  • Jolie
  • Darrell

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