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BSP Episode 319: True Detective

Join the gang as they discuss the 2014 HBO TV show True Detective.

We’re deviating from regularly scheduled programming this week to talk about True Detective because Jolie and David just wouldn’t shut up about it. True Detective is the grand 8-episode crime drama from HBO telling the story of two state police officers in Louisiana solving a grisly murder involving a dead naked woman with satanic overtones at the crime scene. We soon learn that the show is partly about the mystery but mostly about the complex relationship between Marty and Rust, characters with very different worldviews. Also, True Detective is further proof that McConaughey is killing it these days. Dude is unstoppable with great acting roles.

Worth noting:

  • Two phrases that shouldn’t go together: Snakes on a Plane and brilliant marketing.
  • An important public service announcement about how ladies like to party; alternately, Schrödinger’s party.
  • Some of us think this is the best thing on television since Breaking Bad. Others are impressed but didn’t like the ending that much.
  • In which we spend nearly an entire episode discussing plot points, acting, writing choices. Yes, nearly an entire episode spent discussing the topic at hand because we’re so fancy.
  • What are your favorite terrible euphemisms for sex?
  • Ultimately, True Detective is highly recommended.

Featured in this episode:

  • Tony
  • Jolie
  • David