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Back Seat Box Office – Happy 4th of July

We are skipping this week so we will have to defer the start of Season 9 until next week. But still send us your picks in the comments or voice mail. 

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1. Transformers 4
2. Tammy
3. Earth To Echo
4. Deliver Us From Evil
5. How To Train Your Dragon 2


1. Transformers 4
2. Tammy
3. Deliver Us From Evil
4. Earth To Echo
5. 22 Jump Street

Art’s House:
Jeff: The Girl on the Train
Art: Life Itself

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Lets just pretend last week didn’t happen…

(For 07/11/2014 – 07/13/2014)
1) Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
2) Transformers: AofE
3) Tammy
4) 22 Jump Street
5) How to Train Your Dragon 2

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