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BSP Episode 331: The Longest Yard

Join the gang as they discuss the 1974 film The Longest Yard.

  • Directed by Robert Aldrich
  • Written by Keenan Wynn (screenplay) and Albert S. Ruddy (story)
  • Starring Burt Reynolds, Eddie Albert, Ed Lauter, Bernadette Peters

Let’s start this summary out with a warning. Do not, under any circumstances, confuse this film with the 2005 film of the same name starring Adam Sandler. The Sandler version stars Nelly and is miserably awful. Then again, The Burt Reynolds version ain’t exactly Citizen Kane but still has the effervescent charm and bushy moustache of Burt Reynolds. The Longest Yard tells the story of Paul “Wrecking” Crewe, an NFL player convicted of drinking and driving who begins a football team behind bars at the behest of the evil and football-obsessed warden. Hilarity ensues.

Worth noting:

  • Sausagefest is still coming. Don’t forget to donate. Ask Siri for a reminder if you’re into that sort of thing.
  • Part of the Recently Dead Guy series because of the recent death of Richard Kiel.
  • Why are football players given a pass? This movie has modern parallels.
  • You need an appropriate amount of gut hang over your pants. Listen to learn more.
  • Let’s talk about how much the NFL sucks.
  • The Longest Yard doesn’t hold up well and really shows its age.
  • The possible Green Acres update in Seattle and possible jealousy over Seattle being the most awesome place ever.
  • An alternate explanation for Lord of the Rings. Minds blown.

Featured in this episode:

  • Tony
  • Darrell
  • David

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