Back Seat Box Office

Back Seat Box Office #206

Closing the door on Season #9, and we make our first picks for Season 10. Enjoy the episode.

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1. Gone Girl
2. Annabelle
3. =izer
4. The Box Trolls
5. Left Behind

1. Gone Girl
2. Annabelle
3. =izer
4. The Box Trolls
5. The Maze Runner

Art’s House
Jeff: Men, Women and Children
Art: Blue Room


4 replies on “Back Seat Box Office #206”

OK, Even before you guys post the download link, I’ll be a bit early on this one.

My Art’s House pick for the weekend of October 10, 2014 is: Automata

Sorry, forgot my picks last week, too busy playing Destiny (XboxOne, gamertag CougRon)

1) Gone Girl
2) Annabelle
3) The =izer
4) The Boxtrolls
5) The Maze Runner

picks for 10/10/2014:

1) Gone Girl
2) Alexander and the not good day
3) Annabelle
4) Dracula Untold
5) The Judge.

(imDb proves they are evil by taking away boxofficemojo, booooo. ironically enough they have a link on the bottom of their page to go to boxofficemojo that takes you right back to imdb.)

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