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Back Seat Book Club – Book Twenty-Six: Eyes of the Dragon

Author: Stephen King

Published: 1987


Plot Summary – Once upon a time – there was terror and dragons and princes… evil wizards and dark dungeons… and an enchanted castle and a terrible secret. With this enthralling masterpiece of magical evil and daring adventure, Stephen King takes you in his icy grip and leads you into the most shivery and irresistible kingdom of wickedness… The Eyes of the Dragon.

Quick Thoughts:

  • Not enough dragons.
  • Better than the Last Unicorn. SHUT IT!
  • We don’t care about this book’s sausagefest.
  • Morgenstern-y (totally a real word).
  • disbelief suspenders under strain.
  • Tower lore intensive.

Recorded: 10/25/14

“Oh, I suppose all men of intelligence know how fragile such things as Law and Justice and Civilization really are, but it’s not a thing they think of willingly, because it disturbs one’s rest and plays hob with one’s appetite.” 

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One reply on “Back Seat Book Club – Book Twenty-Six: Eyes of the Dragon”

I’m with the ladies on this one.

Sam, you are right. This one shouldn’t be recommended by anyone.

I read this book when it came out. I was reading a lot of fantasy at the time (I was 16.) It just felt like a stunted, outsider-written book. I had no clue about Dark Tower and all of that other nonsense, but having read a lot of prophetic fantasy, the thing that to this day still sticks with me is just how HORRID the prophecy plot was written and handled. It was so… straight forward.

“Hey, there is a prophecy.”

“Really? Should we do something about it?”

“Hmm not sure. But it’s a prophecy, so it’s prophetic and whatnot.”

Prophecy happens because the book says so.

The End.

This is pretty much all I remember about the book. I’ve never seen any reason to revisit it.

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