Back Seat Box Office #218

Please enjoy the latest episode of Back Seat Box Office.

New Movies:
Strange Magic
The Boy Next Door

Other movies/tv discussed:

Jeff:  Star Wars : Rebels, Agent Carter, Helix, 12 Monkeys, and seeing The Grand Budapest Hotel in a theater.
Art: Ultimate Spiderman – Web Warriors, rewatching the Avengers, his undying love and fealty of Guardians of the Galaxy, Bones and Cowboys and Aliens.

Art did an episode of Kicked in the Dicebags. You should check it out.

23. January 2015 by Jeff Bailey
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  1. Would love to enjoy the latest episode, there is so little in my podcast app. But it doesn’t seem to be attached to this post.

  2. I now shall listen.

  3. I would imagine that they are letting the licensing expire on Mad Max on Netflix so that they can prep a new DVD/Blu Ray release in conjunction with Fury Road.

    Great listening to you guys.

  4. Water World also didn’t deserve to be on that list one little bit.

    Battlefield: Earth… Oh yeah. That movie was terrible. I saw it opening day. I read the book in High School and really enjoyed it. The movie had almost nothing to do with the book.

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