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BSP Episode 364: Kung Fury and Skanksgiving

Our annual celebration of the most revered of days on the BSP calendar has come.

(If you’ve never listened before, this one is quite a bit more… rowdy… than normal.  NSFWork, NSFKids, NSFPeople, NSFYM(Not safe for you, mom).

This year on Skanksgiving we discuss the glory that is Kung Fury.

Your producers for this episode are:

  • Tony – Thor: Behold – it is me, Thor. Son of Odin and protector of mankind. Check out my pecs.
  • David – Kung Furher:  I want to welcome, you and your friends, to Germany. We are not so different, you and I. I mean, we both got cool style. You know, with red, you know. So that’s cool. We both like doing moves.
  • Lena – Barbarianna: You need to get out of this valley. This place is swarming with laser raptors.
  • Alex – Hackerman: It means that with the right computer algorithms, I can hack you back in time. Just like a time machine.
  • Kayla – Katana: So… anyway, Thor, um, this is Kung Fury. He’s a cop from the future.
  • Austin – Kung Fury: You gonna need that spine? It’s holding your back.

This episode was recorded on November 25th, 2016.  Duh, Skanksgiving!

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