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BSBO Episode 297

Please enjoy this new episode of Back Seat Box Office.

New Movies:
1. War for the Planet of the Apes (95%)

Art: Deathnote (Netflix), Castlevania (Netflix), Teen Beach Movie 1 & 2, Power Rangers (2017), Despicable Me 3

Jeff: Spiderman: Homecoming, Cars 3

This episode was recorded on July 12, 2017.


Back Seat Producers Season 12 Shows

BSP Episode 418: The Babadook

The producers try to figure out exactly how The Babadook became an LGBTQA+ icon, and Tony waxes nostalgic about when the podcast was live streamed. While two thirds of the cast are Babashook by the movie, one third is wrong. What’s the creepiest popup book you’ve ever read to your child that summoned evil incarnate into your home?

There’s a lot to unpack, so join us as we take on this Australian horror film centered around struggling with grief and depression.

Your producers for this episode are:

  • Tony
  • Kayla
  • Alex

This episode was recorded on July 5th, 2017.