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BSP Episode 444: A Wrinkle in Time

(Note: I screwed up during the recording. Just as we started the show proper, you can hear me mention that I’m adjusting Anna’s mic… in doing so, I accidently turned it off.  David realized this about 30 minutes later.  So from about the 20 minute mark to the 50 minute mark in the audio, you’ll hear that quality changes quite a bit.  That’s because I had to use some audio magic to pull Anna’s voice in from the other mics.  It’s not the most elegant sounding section of audio, but you still get to hear her through the episode. – Tony)

Oprah’s in the house! “You get a wrinkle and you get a wrinkle and you get a wrinkle!”  So many Wrinkles in Time to pass out…


We streamed this episode on Wednesday night.  If you aren’t doing anything on Wednesday around 9 PM central, check out our Twitch stream.

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Your producers for this episode are:

  • Tony
  • Kayla
  • David
  • Anna

This episode was recorded on March 28, 2018.

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