Back Seat Producers Season 04 Shows

BSP Episode 132: Moon

In this episode, we discuss, and egregiously spoil, MOON.

Seriously, if you haven’t seen this flick, we’ll ruin it for you.  Before you listen, do yourself a favor and go watch the movie.  Especially if you like any of the following:

  1. Sam Rockwell
  2. Kevin Spacey
  3. Robots that act like robots
  4. Good Movies

This episode was recorded 2/17/2010.

Don’t forget, we are still recording every Wednesday night.  For more information check out the Big List o’ Movies.


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  • David – @bafadam
  • Darrell – @darrellf

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Edited by: Tony

Back Seat Producers Season 04 Shows

BSP Episode 123: My Big Fat Greek Wedding

(As is becoming the norm, the real show notes will be posted in a few days.)

What’s everybody drinking:
Tony – Ouzo by Metaxa
Darrell – Dry (Designated Driver)
Julie – Hurricane

Unofficial Drink Count for those playing the Official BSP Drinking Game: 7

00:15 – A brief reading of the rules.
00:27 – Julie realizes how drunk one can get using the rules.
02:02 – A clarification of the rules Re: Adam’s David’s recognition of a movie vs actually seeing a movie.
03:36 – Julie realizes that the night starts out with 3 drinks due to her presence!
03:51 – Intro Music
04:30 – Host Introductions – Tony, Darrell, & Julie
04:56 – Explanation of Skanksgiving
05:12 – Contest Announcements
05:50 – Announcement of the special guest host for episode 124: Fight Club
06:34 – Tony calls out the hosts for being boring since Adam David isn’t here.
06:52 – High level reviews
08:40 – Acting reviews & history of the development of this film.
12:06 – Julie has nothing to add to this conversation at this time.
13:22 – Tony & Julie show their love for a Backstreet Boy.
14:22 – Tony calls out John Corbett for phoning-in his performance.
15:25 – BUNK?
16:00 – Discussion of the cross-cultural impact of this film.
17:56 – Julie still has nothing to add to this discussion.
18:12 – Julie adds something to this discussion!
18:27 – Plot synopsis begins.
24:30 – Julie has some thing to add to this discussion.
25:09 – Darrell shows his love for Nia Vardalos’ transformation.
29:17 – Plot synopsis hits Act II of MBFGW – the actual wedding planning & event.
30:18 – Tony proclaims to the world facts about his anatomy or repeats a line from the film.
30:27 – Darrell confirms that it is a line from the movie – Eχω τρία Aρχιδια
32:32 – The Singularity makes an appearance.
32:44 – Ouzo – it’s like wine, but better!
33:38 – Windex – every ailment from psoriasis to poison ivy can be cured with Windex.
35:21 – Guatemalan’s aren’t Greeks – who knew?
37:10 – Plot synopsis ends and our hosts move into artistic critique of the film.
37:53 – Darrell serenades us with a song from the Lion King – which I am sure is written by a Greek.
38:26 – Darrell talks about the St. Louis International Film Festival and the films he saw.
38:59 – Formosa Betrayed
39:08 – The Only Good Indian
39:54 – The Wonder of It All
40:11 – Saint Misbehavin’: The Wavy Gravy Movie
40:34 – Playground
41:00 – Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo
41:37 – Tony mentions The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters

41:52 – Julie talks a bit about the Isabella Rossellini film/thing Green Porno
42:55 – Precious
43:00 – Up in the Air
43:47 – Mariah Carrey can’t act in Glitter but might have some chops in Precious
44:03 – The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
46:24 – Brazil is talked about being Terry Gilliam’s best box office showing.
47:26 – Darrell mistakenly calls Logorama by a different name.
49:52 – Darrell talks about the different venues and events that are held during SLIFF
53:10 – Outro