"Indiana Jones" And The Revenge Of The Communists


Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones. Courtesy of E! OnlineBBC News reports that the new Indiana Jones movie has raised the hackles of Communist party officials in Russia and they are calling for a boycott. “Why should we agree to that sort of a lie and let the West trick our youth?” says Communist party chief Sergei Malinkovich to the Reuters news agency.

Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull, which debuted on 808 screens in Russia Thursday, depicts the title character in 1957 competing against a KGB agent to find a skull with mystic powers.

One of the Communist party’s concerns was for the youth of Russia “What galls is how together with America we defeated Hitler, and how we sympathized when Bin Laden hit them. But they go ahead and scare kids with Communists. These people have no shame,” said Viktor Perov, a party member in a meeting of the local communist party in St Petersburg. “They (teenagers) will go to the cinema and will be sure that in 1957 we made trouble for the United States and almost started a nuclear war.

“It’s rubbish… In 1957 the communists did not run with crystal skulls throughout the US.” Another party member called the movie “rubbish, simply a paranoid Churchillian fantasy.”

Reuters quotes Vladimir Mukhin, another party member “The film is low-quality and would raise a smile if there wasn’t a danger of drawing into its orbit who know nothing about the 1950s.”

“Harrison Ford and Cate Blanchett [are] second-rate actors, serving as the running dogs of the CIA,” another anonymous communist member wrote on a blog.


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