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FBSD Episode 1: Star Wars – the first three vs. um… the first three

Tony and Tony present an analysis and a few opinions on Star Wars. We take a look at the progression of the story through the six episodes as well as the progression of the films as they were released.

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Yeah, it’s the first episode, give us a few ‘casts for us to get the hang of this thing.

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Hello! I come from the future that is Back Seat Producers! Hey, I have been listening to your show now for about a month and decided to take a listen to some of your earliyer shows. This was a strong first episode, and I want to commend you guys on it. Ofcourse, you probably got a lot of feedback about this episode, but here is one more.
I am a huge Star Wars Fan, but who isn’t these days. Episode 4, the re-released is the first movie I can remember seeing in theaters. It was awesome. Anyways, since then, I have been trying to unravel the mysteries of the Star Wars Universe. I think the biggest one is the one you guys talked about the most, which was the interpretation of the prophecy concerning the chosen one. While I have not read many of the novels of the expanded universe, I do know the basic storyline that happens after Episode 6, which is that Luke starts the New Jedi Order, a less currupted one. I believe that what the prophecy meant was that Anakin was going to be the catalyst for events bringing ultimate redemption to the Jedi Order. The Jedi in the movies and even in Knights of the Old Republic, which here after shall be considered cannon, were too good. They did not teach people to control their emotions, more to suppress them. Any pshycologist, herbal healer, or wisely mage will tell you that this is not good for mental health. That is why the Jedi train their people from infants into being loyal followers and to never anger, and to fear their own emotions. I would suggest listening to A Different Point of View, a podcast about the Star Wars Universe, if you want to hear a real rant about the curruption of the Jedi. The Jedi fear all emotions, even love, the most powerful emotion and most powerful force in the universe. Yes, it is even more powerful than the force. The characters Qui Gon Jin and Jolee Bindo from Knight of the Old Republic seem to be the people with the most insight into the force, the Jedi, and the whole Star Wars Universe. I think that if Anakin was taught to control his emotions, instead of supress them, the Jedi would have been able to avoid signing their own death warrants. Because the Jedi and Palpatine manipulated Anakin, the prophecy became true, but not in the way anyone expected. They rarely do though…
Also, in order to combat Tony #1’s theory on the prophecy, what I like to call, popular belief, one that all the Jedi were killed except Yoda and Obi-Wan in order to bring balance to the force, I will cite some things from the movies and Expanded Universe. I realize you like to only follow the movies, but it does make sense. In the expanded universe, whenever the Jedi are almost hunted to complete exctinction, not everyone is killed. And usually, due to the vastness of a whole galaxy, there are always a great many that fall through the cracks and await for the hero to restore the order. This happens when Order 66 was issued, since many went into hiding. Also, the sequel to KotOR chronicles such an event, where even powerful jedi are kept hidden away. So it couldn’t have been balance in a literal term, because there weren’t just 2 jedi left.
So in conclusion, the prophecy is not to be taken literally, but that the force was trying desperatly to uncorrupt its followers, and finally was forced to take drastic measures. In the end, the New Jedi Order I heard did things a little differently. I believe that jedi were allowed to marry, if they chose. Leia married, and rumor has in Luke was married too, while it was brief. Also, while I can’t be sure, I think the baby stealing thing where they train the jedi from infants in order to brain wash them was put to an end. I hope I have brought much insight to the Star Wars Universe, and the lesson it entails, that sometimes, there is a more powerful force than the Force. There is always love, and it can have the most profound and wonderful effects on people.

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