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FBSD Episode 5: Feedback and a Russian Propaganda Film

In this episode we learn who those two people who downloaded the podcast are… what?� There are more of you?� Well drop us a “Hello” at the email address, or call the voice mail line(you could be the first!)

Josh sends us his thoughts on our analysis of Star Wars� in Episode 1.
Steve, from the Cinesnob Telepod podcast, drops us a note after Episode 2 giving us the hint to watch Alexander Nevsky. We take a few minutes to discuss the relation between this Russian Propaganda Film and the film that set the standard for Space Opera.

Steve then leaves an mp3 audio comment pointing out our oversight in mentioning The Bat-man serials during our discussion of the feature length Batman Movies. Thanks for watching our back, Steve!� Josh tosses his two cents into the Batman discussion.

Finally, Steve dropped us an email after our Da Vinci Code podcast.� Then gave us an awesome plug on his show as well.� Do yourself a favor and checkout Cinesnob Telepod. If you enjoy movies that are great but never noticed by mainstream audiences, then this is the podcast for you.

Please let us know if there are subjects you like to hear Tony and I tackle.� We’ll give you our opinions on any subject, if you want them or not.

Be sure to listen for the FBSD Promo, coming to your RSS Feed soon, and hopefully, played on a few other podcasts we enjoy.

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A Change in the Weather… err… Schedule

Hey kids,

Just a quick note. Tony and I have mulled over our schedule and we’ve come to the decision that in order to keep our schedule and to maintain the stellar level of quality that you’ve come to expect… last episode’s barcast not included… we must make a change.

So, starting this week we are going to be releasing new episodes on Thursdays.

This gives us plenty of time to record on the weekends, and for Tony to do all the audiomagic necessary to get the show out without rushing the rest of our commitments. Plus, if we review a new film, you’ll be able to get our thoughts on the flick before its second week… because, really… only you fanboys go on opening weekend anyway.

Feel free to sound off on our decision to make the change, or on anything we discuss in the podcast.� This week’s episode is dedicated to the fans and feedback we’ve collected to this point.� If you’ve sent us anything, you’ll be in this one.

Thanks for listening,

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Back Seat Producers Fanboy Smackdown Season 01 Shows

FBSD Episode 4: The Da Vinci Code

In this episode, Tony and Tony discuss Bourbon, Beer, props to dawgs, and a little film called The Da Vinci Code.

A movie was watched, interviews were conducted, protestors were searched for (fruitlessly), alcohol was consumed, and analysis was used to drown out the music in the background.

We were looking for someone with a dissenting opinion. If you are of the other mind, please feel free to leave an email or a voice mail and tell us your side of the story.
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Special thanks to Wehrenberg Theaters for allowing us to conduct interviews after the movie.

Back Seat Producers Fanboy Smackdown Season 01 Shows

FBSD Episode 3: The Bat-phone is ringing

Today the Tonys (plus a special guest) talk about the Batman movies. The discussion focuses on Batman (1989) and Batman Begins (2005), but we do also touch briefly on Batman: The Movie (1966) and Batman: Mask of the Phantasm (1993).

Sorry for the delay in posting. One Tony had it edited and ready to post in time, but the other Tony didn’t link the file until this morning.

We have feedback that will be included in our next show, so if you want to be included in that give us a call at 206-339-FBSD (3273) No excuses… use your cell phone or call from work!

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Back Seat Producers Fanboy Smackdown Season 01 Shows

FBSD Episode 2: Another visit to Uncle George's house

This time Tony and Tony take a peek at George Lucas’ earlier (pre-Star Wars) films.

We discuss THX-1138 and American Graffiti and contrast his work in these films with those other movies he made later.

Don’t forget to send us some feedback. Let us know what you think of the show, our sound, or anything you might want us to take a swipe at in a later episode.

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