A Change in the Weather… err… Schedule

Hey kids,

Just a quick note. Tony and I have mulled over our schedule and we’ve come to the decision that in order to keep our schedule and to maintain the stellar level of quality that you’ve come to expect… last episode’s barcast not included… we must make a change.

So, starting this week we are going to be releasing new episodes on Thursdays.

This gives us plenty of time to record on the weekends, and for Tony to do all the audiomagic necessary to get the show out without rushing the rest of our commitments. Plus, if we review a new film, you’ll be able to get our thoughts on the flick before its second week… because, really… only you fanboys go on opening weekend anyway.

Feel free to sound off on our decision to make the change, or on anything we discuss in the podcast.� This week’s episode is dedicated to the fans and feedback we’ve collected to this point.� If you’ve sent us anything, you’ll be in this one.

Thanks for listening,

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