Superman's Return Delayed…

We’ve had a slight glitch with the interview that was included with the podcast… basically, the podcast is done. But if we release it ‘as is’, it will spoiler major parts of the movie.

Soooooo the edited podcast will hit sometime late tonight or early tomorrow.

Thanks again for your patience.


Back Seat Producers Fanboy Smackdown Season 01 Shows

FBSD Episode 8: The Break-Up

Yes, it’s late.

Anywho, this time out we talk about the new Vinnifer Vaughniston movie, The Break-Up.

If the sound isn’t quite right, I’ll take the hit for that.� We are still experiencing technical difficulties, and I had to actually do some editing this time around instead of just typing out all of this info that you guys probably ignore anyway.

If all goes well, we should have 7.5 in the feed by Monday at the latest.� Until then, don’t forget to send us your feedback, we will respond to it, and we might even post it when we respond to it if we can keep a stable outgoing internet connection on Tony’s machine.


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Technical Difficulties: Please Stand-by

Hey kids,

Well, we are experiencing some technical difficulties around here. We have Episodes 7.5 (More feedback) and 8 ready to go on a computer that can’t seem to hold an internet connection long enough to upload the files.

Our regular schedule should have had 7.5 out over last weekend and 8 out today. As soon as we can keep the connection active we’ll be dropping both episodes.

Also, we are making plans to give you guys something REALLY special for episode #9. Or rather, I should say, really SUPER� More on this when we get closer.

Again, sorry for the delays, but hey, it’s not like you are paying for this… or being advertised at… or being hounded for beer money…


Back Seat Producers Fanboy Smackdown Feedback Season 01 Shows

FBSD Episode 7.5: Feedback

When it rains, it pours.

Ok, so apparently our connectivity issues have cleared up and we are back on schedule.� Here is the promised episode 7.5. We’ve got calls from Darren, Chris(from Two Girls and a Podcast), Mark and Karen. Plus we have email from Jesse and an email with a cool link to Fanboys Productions from Travis.

It’s late, you know how to get ahold of us.

And just for the record, I’m going to back date this file a few days, just so it lines up nicely in your podcatch(hopefully).

Peace out, finally,


FBSD Promo #1: Uh, Yeah…

Here it is.

The Fanboy Smackdown finally has a promo that we are going to try to spread around the podosphere like an infection (with apologies to Scott Sigler).

Let us know what you think.

Is it awesome? Does it suck? Are we damned good sounding dudes?

Let us know!

Email: fanboysmackdown @

Back Seat Producers Fanboy Smackdown Season 01 Shows

FBSD Episode 7: Kevin Smith, the rest of the films

In tonight’s episode, we discuss Dogma, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, and Jersey Girl.

Listen, enjoy.

For those to whom it applies, Happy Father’s Day!

Stay tuned and check the feed tomorrow, because there just might be something else from Tony and Tony.

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Thanks for being here!

Back Seat Producers Fanboy Smackdown Season 01 Shows

FBSD Episode 6: Kevin Smith and the Jersey Trilogy

“Adventure, excitement? A Jedi craves not these things.”

In this week’s show, Tony and Tony discuss the greatest prophet of our time. Silent Bob.


Actually we have a fun discussion about Kevin Smith, View Askew, and the Jersey Trilogy. We talk through Clerks, Mallrats, and Chasing Amy.� Discussing fun bits of trivia like the items that make up the logo for Clerks, the item that makes the soundtrack to Clerks historically significant, and the inexplicable way that Kevin makes Ben Affleck give a great performance.

Listen in, give us your thoughts on the ‘flicks’ and let us know how you would rank these films against one another.� Also, let us know if you want more detailed show notes, or my vague ramblings?�

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