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FBSD Episode 5: Feedback and a Russian Propaganda Film

In this episode we learn who those two people who downloaded the podcast are… what?� There are more of you?� Well drop us a “Hello” at the email address, or call the voice mail line(you could be the first!)

Josh sends us his thoughts on our analysis of Star Wars� in Episode 1.
Steve, from the Cinesnob Telepod podcast, drops us a note after Episode 2 giving us the hint to watch Alexander Nevsky. We take a few minutes to discuss the relation between this Russian Propaganda Film and the film that set the standard for Space Opera.

Steve then leaves an mp3 audio comment pointing out our oversight in mentioning The Bat-man serials during our discussion of the feature length Batman Movies. Thanks for watching our back, Steve!� Josh tosses his two cents into the Batman discussion.

Finally, Steve dropped us an email after our Da Vinci Code podcast.� Then gave us an awesome plug on his show as well.� Do yourself a favor and checkout Cinesnob Telepod. If you enjoy movies that are great but never noticed by mainstream audiences, then this is the podcast for you.

Please let us know if there are subjects you like to hear Tony and I tackle.� We’ll give you our opinions on any subject, if you want them or not.

Be sure to listen for the FBSD Promo, coming to your RSS Feed soon, and hopefully, played on a few other podcasts we enjoy.

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