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FBSD Episode 12: Expectations of Movies… and Snakes on a Plane

Warning: This one is Not Safe For Work!

This week we talk about how your expectations frame your movie-going experience. We also attend Snakes on a Plane.

We’ve got interviews, voicemail, and a discussion of all the other summer movies we saw this year.

All of the usual ways to get ahold of us apply.

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Hey Tony and Tony:

I wanted to leave you some feedback for the question that Dani asked you guys. Are there certain movie elements that you are a sucker for?

Well in my case, I am a sucker for a heist film. Don’t ask me why, but even knowing that it will likely have bad writing, bad acting and a silly plot, I can’t resist them. I believe that the guiltiest pleasure film in that set that I have ever gone to see was “The Real McCoy”. Wow, bad movie, but I had to see it, and I still somehow managed to like it.

Another thing that gets me are films like “The Juror”, you know where the female lead is in trouble and has to manage to find a way out of the spider’s web. That one I think I enjoy cause they make my spine tingle, and I much prefer a good spine tingle to a flat out scare.

And there you go, that was my evilly long rambly answer to the question of the week. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Third time is the charm, at least I hope.

In any case, I am now going to do my evil Homer dance all over again for making your read the evilly long rambly comment. Or maybe I be so I happy that I do the dance of joy!


It sure does!

The post count for this site is going to quintuple in one day at this rate!

Now if we could get Jason C, Andrea, Alvie, Jeremy and all of the other Deadpanites to spend a day on our sites instead of on Jack’s we could all have those big numbers ๐Ÿ˜‰

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