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FBSD Episode 13: What are you a sucker for?

Episode 13 and so far nothing unlucky going on with this one.

This week we have a special guest host joining the show. One of the Tonys is tied up with work and couldn’t get a few free minutes to record, so my lovely wife Julie stepped up to the mic and gave this little show a bit of a womanly touch… lord knows we could use it.

We use this episode to discuss the voicemail that Dani sent us last week. We also have some answers to the question that were provided by Chris from Two Girls and a Podcast, Jeremy and Darren.

We also have word on how to sign up for the Fanboy Smackdown forums over at Sign up there and join in on one of the multitude of conversations that are active throughout the ‘PUG’ forum.

Also, you can join in on the conversations that have started to get sprinked through out the comments section at the website.

Join in on the show: for comments
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(and let Julie know she did an awesome job!)

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Another good show, and Julie did just fine as a guest host.

Apologies for not getting a response in myself. But, in my defense, I think y’all cheated a bit. I took Dani’s question to mean what will get you into the movie theater, no matter what. You expanded that to included seeing at any time.

In truth, it is very difficult to get me to the theater anymore. Now, there is still lots of stuff that I’ll flag into my DVD rental queue to catch. I’ll have to ponder some more.

Yeah, well done Julie 🙂 It’s a lot easier when the two hosts have different names… 😉

What’s guaranteed to get me into the theatre? Nothing, really, although the trend over the last few years has been comic book/superhero movies as the action tends to be better appreciated on the big screen.

As for watching at any time, probably any comedy with one or more of the ‘Brat Pack’ actors (Stiller, the Wilson brothers, Ferrel, etc.) in it. They tend to be hit and miss, but most have good rewatch value 🙂

Thanks for the nice words Ed and Grounded! It’s good to know I can at least be appreciated for my name. =)

Yes, Ed…we probably did cheat a bit! But honestly, it’s pretty hard to get us into theaters these days too! Unless it’s a Pixar movie that we can take the munchkin to, of course. The movies Tony likes (superhero, etc) tend to be viewed better on the big screen, so he might try a little harder to get to see them. For my favs, it’s just as good to watch them from the comfort of my own couch. =) Netflix is an terrific substitute theater!

Thanks for the comments, and keep listening!

Great show guys. I hope you co-host again sometime Julie.

Personally, I liked Sweet Home Alabama. It was silly fluff, which is exactly what I wanted at the time. But hey, all the things that you mentionned were actually written into the movie, but they were cut. If you watch the extras on the DVD the NY fiancee guy is slowly falling for Erin (the girl he is engaged to at the end). It is funny how they decided to cut it, but hey, editors can be odd right?

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