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FBSD Episode 14: Those Crazy Celebs

This week it’s all about the wild, wacky stuff that celebrities do in their private lives. Whether it’s drug frenzies, drunken rants, flipping your car, showing up late to the set after a night of partying, dumping your husband or wife for you new co-host or jumpin’ on Oprah’s couch… we look at all of the things that Actors do to make themselves stand out even more.

We discuss how the things that the actors do off screen affects our movie-going habits. We also mention, one of Julie’s many go-to sites for celebrity gossip.

We wrap the show with a Voice Mail from Ed from Texas where he credits Julie with pointing him toward what he’s a sucker for.

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Your comment was a great length… we don’t have any restrictions on comment length, but if you get near the 5 minute mark, we might tease you about using our feed to put out your podcast 😀

Feel free to comment away, and if you have any suggestions for shows, we are always up for tackling suggested topics.

I think it’s rather fortunate that neither Cruise nor Gibson are making films I’d be interested in any more 😉 Yes, I saw MI:3 in the cinema. Yes, I secretly enjoyed the fact that it wasn’t very good.

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