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FBSD Episode 22: The Bond Girls

Hello everybody! Chris and Eliz from Two Girls and a Podcast here and we have taken over the Fanboy Smackdown studio.

We won’t lie to you; we have the boys tied up in the backroom. How else would we be able to rummage through their stuff, add a little pink to the decor, and rearrange their movie paraphernalia action figures into compromising positions? Okay, perhaps there wasn’t any pink…

But since Tony and Tony are laying down on the job, we figure it was vitally important to provide you, the listeners, with the female perspective on a guy movie and not just any guy movie. No, no. We are talking about the king of the guy movie heroes, James Bond. That is
right, we get down and dirty with the new Bond film, Casino Royale. We promise that we don’t get too girly.

Well, on with the show and not a moment too soon cause it is looking like Tony is starting to gnaw his way through those bindings. We really should have tied that tighter. Oops! Gotta go.


2 replies on “FBSD Episode 22: The Bond Girls”

Came for the nostalgia, and was not disappointed. Wow, did we meander or what? I think the best part of this episode is the blurb that Eliz wrote for it. XD

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