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FBSD Episode WS: The Cards are heading to the World Series

Lazy show notes, but what do we care… the Redbirds are flying to Detroit.

We geek-out over baseball movies for this special episode!

Yep, that voice is who you think it is… it’s not a dream, it’s not a hoax. He’s back!

We were going to release the first show we recorded this week, but this one is so much more timely that it just has to go up this week… because next week it might be over, one way or another.

Forgive us this indulgence… or don’t…

Hmmm… I wonder if the boss will be upset if I dye the van dyke red.

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FBSD Episode 18: Archon and Serenity

Here we go!

I finally get a chance to talk Serenity and Firefly… but it’s part of Archon 30.

Be warned, this one is spoilerific.

archon_tuesday_pictures_002.jpgI was on the panel with some great people one of whom you can see here. Another was Sara Harvey, the female voice you here throughout the podcast.� Sara is an author whose first novel is being sold nationally through CVS Stores. I spent a good part of the weekend chatting with Sara and her boyfriend, Matt (When do we get that podcast, Matt?). You can check out Sara’s work at her website.

I was also on a five podcasting panels throughout the weekend.� You can hear all about that on the show and you can listen to those panels at

And while I’m talking about those podcasting panels, do yourselves a favor and check out Fear the Boot (tabletop gaming) and Bad Buddhist Radio (Buddhist philosophy with a twist) podcast. These are the guys that I spent FIVE HOURS on panels with talking about podcast. We are talking about doing some joint endeavors soon as well.

I made a few contacts that should result in some special interviews and special guests to the show, but we’ll save those for later.

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Archon 30

Hey all,

There will be a delay in podcasting this week. I am attending Archon this weekend and will be recording panels and interviews from the Con. As I am able to get them into a reasonable sound format, I will attempt to get them out to you guys.

If all goes well, I’ll have a Serenity panel and a Star Wars panel to post on the feed.

If all goes not so well, then you’ll be listening to a quick cast from the car on the way home from the con one evening (and by evening I mean whenever I stumble out of there).

If anyone is going to be at Archon this weekend, I’ll be on the following panels:

Meet the Pod People (Friday 4 PM)
When your Collection Takes over (Friday 9PM)
Marketing your Podcast (Saturday 1 PM)
The Obligatory Star Wars Panel (Sunday 3 PM)

I’ll be all around for most of the weekend. I’ll be wearing a Scrolling Blue LED name tag and/or a Bright Green Superman baseball cap. And of course, will otherwise be one of the most normally dressed people there… unless I break out the kilt.

If you see me, come up and say hello!