Archon 30

Hey all,

There will be a delay in podcasting this week. I am attending Archon this weekend and will be recording panels and interviews from the Con. As I am able to get them into a reasonable sound format, I will attempt to get them out to you guys.

If all goes well, I’ll have a Serenity panel and a Star Wars panel to post on the feed.

If all goes not so well, then you’ll be listening to a quick cast from the car on the way home from the con one evening (and by evening I mean whenever I stumble out of there).

If anyone is going to be at Archon this weekend, I’ll be on the following panels:

Meet the Pod People (Friday 4 PM)
When your Collection Takes over (Friday 9PM)
Marketing your Podcast (Saturday 1 PM)
The Obligatory Star Wars Panel (Sunday 3 PM)

I’ll be all around for most of the weekend. I’ll be wearing a Scrolling Blue LED name tag and/or a Bright Green Superman baseball cap. And of course, will otherwise be one of the most normally dressed people there… unless I break out the kilt.

If you see me, come up and say hello!

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