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FBSD Episode 22: The Bond Girls

Hello everybody! Chris and Eliz from Two Girls and a Podcast here and we have taken over the Fanboy Smackdown studio.

We won’t lie to you; we have the boys tied up in the backroom. How else would we be able to rummage through their stuff, add a little pink to the decor, and rearrange their movie paraphernalia action figures into compromising positions? Okay, perhaps there wasn’t any pink…

But since Tony and Tony are laying down on the job, we figure it was vitally important to provide you, the listeners, with the female perspective on a guy movie and not just any guy movie. No, no. We are talking about the king of the guy movie heroes, James Bond. That is
right, we get down and dirty with the new Bond film, Casino Royale. We promise that we don’t get too girly.

Well, on with the show and not a moment too soon cause it is looking like Tony is starting to gnaw his way through those bindings. We really should have tied that tighter. Oops! Gotta go.



And for our 007th month anniversary…

We’ve got something special for you guys to celebrate our 7th month of podcasting!

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Back Seat Producers Fanboy Smackdown Season 01 Shows

FBSD Episode 21: Hollywood Stock Exchange

Show notes will be updated this weekend.

The long and short of it is:

If you join, let us know and we’ll connect you to our network within the game.

Back Seat Producers Fanboy Smackdown Season 01 Shows

FBSD Episode 20: I should like it, but I don't.

Sorry for the lateness of this one.

Show notes to follow later this evening.

Back Seat Producers Fanboy Smackdown Season 01 Shows Special Episode

FBSD Episode PT1: Pickle Tales

Hey all.

The relevant links are as follows:
For information on the contest:
To get to subscribe to the feed or download the episodes:
To get the to the forum where you can vote:

You will need to register at Podcast Pickle AND on the podcast pickle forums before you can vote.

I hope you enjoy the stories… especially mine.

By the way, my story is entitled, “Sell Me a Story”.

(Note: I just got some verification. The contest ends at Noon Eastern on Thursday.)
Send an email to fanboysmackdown @ if you have any questions.


Pickle Tales

Hello all –

I just wanted to let everyone know that starting tomorrow, Podcast Pickle is running a contest called Pickle Tales. This is an “American Idol”-style contest featuring podcasting instead of singing… thankfully.

Anyway, the idea is that from October 15th through October 31st, people were free to submit 5 minute stories to the competition. 26 stories were submitted, mine being one of them. These stories were then judged and the top twelve were selected. I found out just yesterday that mine was amongst those twelve.

Beginning TOMORROW, November 6th, 2006, six of the stories, including mine, will be podcast from the pickle tales feed and voting will begin. Voting ends on November 9th, so get out there, listen to the stories and vote! I don’t mind if you vote for mine or not (though I’d REALLY appreciate a vote), but if you do listen to the stories and you hear mine, I’d love to get feedback on it. Thanks!

While you are at podcast pickle, make sure you sign up and add your favorite podcast to your favorites (and Fanboy Smackdown too 🙂 ). The more times they appear in someone’s
favorites the higher they end up on lists… and the higher you are on the lists, the more likely people will be drawn to your show.

You can find out more about Podcast Pickle at

You can find out more about the Pickle Tales competition at

You can subscribe to the Pickle Tales Feed at

If you enjoy podcast fiction (assuming most of them are just that) check out pickle tales and spread the word. All 26 stories will be eventually podcast throughout the run of the competition, and as the rounds advance, there will be new stories added each round. If I’m
doing my math right, you’ll hear about 46 pieces of new fiction throughout the course of the competition.

Back Seat Producers Fanboy Smackdown Season 01 Shows

FBSD Episode 19: United 93

Hey all!

episode_19s_technical_setup.jpgThis is a great one. We have a very special guest for this episode. And if you listened to the last one, it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out who it is, considering we recorded this one immediately before the last one.

Today we discuss United 93. This one caused a bit of division between us and we bring up topics that could be open for debate.

Please let us know what you think of the show and if you have any suggestions for us now that the prodigal has returned… at least until there is another water main break (dear God, we hope not.)

Also… we noticed after the fact that we didn’t edit out a considerable portion of dead air…. and we just might leave it in there… or we’ll get the Genie in to fix things.

You guys know all the ways to get ahold of us.
fanboysmackdown @
fanboysmackdown on skype (Don’t mind if it says I’m away, I may be near enough to hear if someone sends a message)
206-339-FBSD for Voice Mail to let us know where in the heck you are
fanboysmackdown on Yahoo! Chess to leave comments on the individual shows to join the forum