FBSD Episode SE2: Billibub Baddings Chapter 1

This is something a bit different for the Smackdown.

Friend of the Fanboy Smackdown, premier podiobook author, and all around pimp, Tee Morris is just about to release his next podcast audiobook (podiobook) ‘Billibub Baddings and The Case of The Singing Sword’.

He has given us permission to release this first chapter to you guys. This is a full month before the official release of the podcast on February 14th, 2007. I’ve given this a listen and can say that I’m excited to hear the rest of what Tee has in store for the dwarf detective.

Yeah, you read that right. This is a book that erases the lines of genre and sets up some fun characters to tell, what looks to be, a fun story. Not only is the story shaping up nicely, but Tee has enlisted a Who’s Who list of podcasting talent to round out the cast… though oddly I didn’t notice anyone named Tony in that list… He has also hooked up with some incredible musicians. This podcast novel is shaping up to be an audio feast.

Take a listen, let us know what you think here and let Tee know what you think as well. And if you happen to think of it, let him know where you heard about Billi. If we get some good response, maybe we can even get Tee to come on and chat about some movies and the book for us on the show!

More from us soon, we are just finishing our holiday break and recovering from over indulging in all of the joyous festivities and spirits of the season.

For more information on Tee Morris check out his website: www.teemorris.com. Also, check out Baddings Investigations, Inc. – The official blog of the book: www.teemorris.com/billipodcast/

10. January 2007 by Tony
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