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FBSD Episode 25: To Pimp a Dwarf

Yes… You read the length correctly.

This is another first for us here. We’ve got a special guest from half a continent away. The man, the myth, the pimp… Tee Morris.

Tee joins me for a chat about his new podiobook, “Billibub Baddings and The Case of The Singing Sword”.

From there we talk about “24” and Tee’s Evo Terra-esque “Wash Dies!” moment during the four hour finale. (Note to Tee: Beware the chicken scissors.) We talk about podiobooks, Van Helsing, Metropolis, 24, Daredevil, The Hulk, Pirates, The Davinci Code, and kids on podcasts.

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4 replies on “FBSD Episode 25: To Pimp a Dwarf”

“John Woo’s Masturbation” – Priceless and about the best description of MI2 that I’ve ever seen.

Great show this week. Really enjoyed Tony and Tee just hanging out talking about movies, books, and writing.

Listening to you two this week, I could hear a lot of things that I would have said myself.

I didn’t hate Van Helsing, but I don’t think it was as good as it could’ve been. After the Mummy 1 and 2 and listening to the director commentaries on all the thinking they had to do to get things done on limited budgets, I think he just had too much money for Van Helsing and didn’t have to make the critical choices. Van Helsing suffered, IMHO, from having too much and running a bit too long.

I’m with Ed on this one. Great show 🙂

Van Helsing: Taken as a swashbuckling (sans pirates) adventure movie it’s fine, although if that was the tone they were going for they really should have rethought the ending. There’s also some really excellent CG work in there, which I think is often unfairly criticised.

Daredevil: I loved the theatrical cut, despite hating some of the inappropriately goofy parts. The DC has some nice additional material too – but still altogether too much of Bullseye 😉 I’ll never understand why Affleck gets panned for this – he did a great job, despite his hairdresser’s efforts to sabotage him…

Hulk: Really enjoyed it, despite my ass falling asleep due to the extended running time. I have no problem with Eric Bana, but Nick Nolte hams it up something awful towards the end (and in scenes that could have been cut or streamlined quite easily no less). Pretty much the only superhero movie besides Batman Begins to really try and fully develop an origin story. And yet another movie with some excellent yet inexplicably criticised CG. I suspect the upcoming reboot movie will be “HULK SMASH!” and not a lot else. *sigh*

24: I’m so far behind it’s not even funny…

Metropolis: Keep looking out for the special edition of this, but nowhere ever has it. I actually had a look for a decent download source not long ago (since it’s in the public domain) but couldn’t find one.

Deja Vu: As much as agreeing with Tee is fun, I have to say this movie was one of the most pedestrian, cliched and outrageously predictable time travel movies I’ve ever sat through. I saw it with my brother and a friend and we all agreed that it was one of the worst movies we’d ever seen at the theatre.

I’m sure there was other stuff I meant to comment on but this is all that comes to mind.

Again, great show, even if it did take 2 trips to work to get through it!

I thought you both did an excellent job stating my thoughts on Van Helsing: great movie for what it was meant to be. Same with Daredevil. I am not a Ben Affleck fan, but I did enjoy this movie.

On Hulk, I have to agree with Tee. A friend of mine who is a die hard comic geek went to see this at the theater. He hated it so much he walked out! So, instead of wasting money on it, I watched it throught an “alternate distribution method” (my only other use of which has been for television shows produced across the pond). After sitting through it, my only thought was “how can I get my time back?” I hope the new version is better.

Haven’t seen Deja Vu yet, but I’m sure I’ll Netflix it.

I’ll admit that I’ve never heard of Metropolis: I’ll have to find it. I caught that there are two versions: which one should I be looking for?

Excellent show! I hadn’t thought of Star Wars in that fashion, being two single movies and two duals. I said the same basic thing about deadman’s chest, it’s an incomplete movie on it’s own and you have to see the next one before passing judgement. Though I thought they made too many joke references back to the first movie.

The movie I like a lot but most seem to feel indifferent about is Soldier starring Kurt Russel. Most carp about the sad collect of battle scenes that is his battle history, but I thought it was wise of the director to do it that way to save time and money.

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